Management Skills Assessment Program

Program Benefits

Program Benefits 

The goal of MSAP is to address skill deficits and grow competencies that will prepare internal employees for future role opportunities in their UC workplaces. All program components promote alignment between the program itself, institutional workforce needs, organizational direction and participants' aspirations at a critical time in the competition for talent in the marketplace.

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Assessees who participate, diligently follow through on their development plans and practice new management skills can expect to achieve a number of valuable benefits:

  • Greater engagement in the mission, programs, and services of their organizations
  • Renewed commitment to their own growth and development with expanded information that facilitates future development action
  • Enhanced managerial effectiveness in guiding the work of others
  • Greater career traction and competitiveness for elevated roles at the University
  • Increased self-confidence, performance and productivity

Assessors who attend the assessment center learn to observe and provide constructive feedback. They benefit in multiple ways:

  • Receive intensive practice utilizing a feedback method that promotes effective interaction with employees and sound management
  • Contribute to the retention, growth, and development of University employees
  • Expanded contact and collaboration with other University managers committed to professional excellence
  • Develop greater self-awareness themselves
  • Expand their own professional networks across UC beyond their individual campus
  • Learn better management practices from assessor training and from new colleagues

Sponsoring supervisors of assesses may find:

  • Increased motivation and self-confidence in their participating subordinates
  • New information for them to make decisions about development directions and activities
  • Strengthened communication with their employees
  • Multiple avenues to coach employees based on expanded information about their goals and development needs


Each UC campus and the participant's sponsoring organization derive multiple benefits:

  • Enhanced effectiveness due to employees' greater knowledge and growing mastery of important management skills
  • A greater contribution to professional growth and development of their own employees
  • Broader and deeper management and talent pipelines
  • Less expensive talent recruitments when internal staff are prepared for jobs that open due to retirements or other departures
  • Rejuvenated development of a diverse array of talent and appreciation for the  importance of a diverse workforce

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